The Minto Pyramid Principle - Logic in Writing, Thinking and Problem Solving by Barbara Minto >> Book review


Business, Communication, Logic, Thinking, Problem Solving, Presentation

Minto International Inc.

The Book
This book presents Barbara Minto's theory on efficient and effective communication based on the simple to understand pyramid principle. She starts with establishing a connection to the psychological theories of Miller around Span of Attention. After which she explains the pyramid structure and how to use it.

She covers how logic flows into pyramid and how 'pyramid thinking' can make you more effective. She also covers the application of pyramid principle to problem solving before ending with the most important of it all how to use pyramid principle in presenting.

For a book that is technical, this is very easy to read (no surprise considering this is a book on effective communication!). It is replete with examples - in fact, almost all the content is explained with their help. The content is extremely useful - applicable in day to day life for anyone, but most of all Barbara's target customer segment - people who's work requires them to present their ideas to others. 


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